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Thursday, April 02, 2009 

Why are the stocks up?

Is this rally for real or is it false? Are people having their faith restored in the market with the obscene oversight and call for control what you make no matter what your job is. I find this to be a bear rally and someone behind the scene is pulling the strings.

Look at who made a fortune on hedge funds while you and I lost fortunes, our retirements, and children's futures with the drop in stocks. George Sorros, the left wing moveon.org American hater raked in money hand over fist during this crisis. With a trail of questionable but never investigated stock manipulation. He has cashed in on hedge funds.

I do not think that anyone with common sense can honestly believe that the stock market is now on a recovery track. You have the government demanding control and replacement of board of directors in companies that have as little as 2% investment of a company. yet the bully pulpit is forcing companies to yield their private authority to these non business men.

You can take the experience of those in Washington and wrap it up in a gum wrapper. The ones who were behind the fall in the stock market are the same ones President Obama has on his advisory board and is listening to. Gieghtner, a player on wall street while bad loans were made under his govern ship. Paulson who orchestrated the first bail out mess, now the leading voice of advice. Not to mention how our own elected officials are tied up in this mess. Sen. Dodd on the banking committee. Rep. Frank who stifles any true hard questions of Fannie or Freddie, calling for with support of the socialist party (democrats) to regulate not just financial institutes salaries, but an across the board regulation of all salaries.

The lie by government that they will not let Gm fail yet are looking hard at letting it slide into bankruptcy. Something that they should have done in the first place. Telling Chrysler that they have to merge with some other company, yet restricting the investing company to not benefiting from any merger by saying that they will not financially benefit for his. So tell me would you merge with Chrysler if you were not going to be allowed to make money? I didn't think so.

The energy industry being told that we (the government) are going support you in going green but it means the loss of jobs and an increase in corporate taxes for less efficient production, and less profit for your share holders. A refusal to even consider some alternative energies in favor of a select few. A select expensive inefficient few that will be limited in placement and operational times.

Back to the auto industry. Here we have the government dictating what will be made and sold. Despite numbers proving that many models and makes are profitable, but they are "evil" gas guzzlers. There fore the government greenies are dictating what we as a consumer will get as a choice. Where is the freedom in this. As a matter of fact where is the investment strategy in this. If there is a limited amount of product choice it dulls the investment factor. Sure at first it is a safe investment, knowing that it is a captive commodity and no competition to this but you might as well invest then in limited return rates of t-bills and bonds. Limited return for your money. It is bad business when you know you will not fail.

This false bear rally is not a time to put your money into the market. One needs to look at what is going on and the regulations and restrictions that the socialist are placing on the free market.

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