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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 

O'Reilly is WRONG

I am not shocked but disappointed with Bill O'Reilly. Last night on the factor (Tuesday the 31St of March 2009), ran a story about what is all over the net. The story of Vice President Joe Biden's daughter and the possible video of her snorting coke. Now Bill censored out any audio that mentioned her possibly using cocaine or any thing that may have been looked at in a bad light about her.

This censorship on his part was more evidence that Bill is trying to win and keep favor with the left. He has become soft and a sympathiser to the left. When stories come out against those on the right he does not censor audio of discussion about this. Yet here he went out of his way to do so on this story.

This is so hypocritical of O'Reilly. Here he goes on and on about being an advocate for the defense of those who have been wrongly accused or are being mistreated. Yet he does not show the same sensitivity when it comes to those who are on the right side of the political spectrum.

Bill you are not being honest, or fair like you preach pal.

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