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Thursday, April 02, 2009 

Colorado's Senate pulls dirty tricks

The Democrats in the Colorado state Senate are taking a page of back door rush through a bill for a vote out of Pelosi and Reids book on screw the people. What bill am I referring to? Senate bill 170 , which would give ILLEGAL ALIENS in state tuition at public funded higher education campuses.

As Colorado is about to be smothered with the Obamanation economic catastrophe. Jobless rates and inflation going up, more and more spending on the welfare dole, while taxes are going to increase to pay for these social engineering programs. We have those who still want to increase and push Colorado towards and amnesty state.

Senator Chris Romer (D) who is the sponsor of this burden of a bill, looked to have it shelved or fail with a 5-5 vote in committee. However Sen. Ted Harvey (R) will not be able to attend this mornings committee meeting leading to a 5-4- vote. Now this meeting was a last minute call only after it was announced that Sen. Harvey could not attend do to family obligations. Beginning to sound a little fishy? Yes it does smell.

When questioned as to the timing of this meeting, Sen. Tapia had the following excuse:

"Bills have backed up an awful lot," Tapia said. "I tried to put as many bills as possible on the committee's agenda."

Sen. Tapia, a supporter of Romer's bill, said he scheduled the meeting because the committee, which did not meet last week, faced a large bottleneck of bills. Do not forget as well that Tapia is also an open border advocate in the state legislature. He also is a down the line party brown noser who votes for the party over his constituents.

The lame excuse of bottle necking of bills has not stopped the state Democrats from calling a halt to committees or going on vacation before. It is just a ploy to take advantage of numbers in the committee to get this bill out and on the floor for a vote. It is simple dirty tactics and unfair lack of representation of the people on yet another matter that socialist want to force upon the people of this country.

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