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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 

Who can the Obama's insult next?

This would be so funny if it was not so sad. Not only does President Obama insult the British Prime Minister, but now the Queen and Mrs. Obama just is oblivious herself to protocol and shows her ignorance of how to act around royalty. To top all of it off these two make this Country and its Citizens look bad.

Who is in the protocol office now? What moron was given a job there? This is just shameful. First they give the Prime Minister a set of DVD's that won't work in Europe. Next what kind of gift is an i-pod to give the Queen of England? How insulting and low brow is this. Amazingly arrogant to say the least and positively ignorant at the best. But to end it all Michelle O. just cuts the the Queens spouse right out of the picture and ignores him while President O grasps the Queen's hand with both of his.

Now this may sound like trivial things here in America and we would consider it minor. However when dealing with royalty and the Queen of England it is not a simple faux paw. It is a big transgression of protocol.

If we look at the fact that the gifts exchanged are totally inappropriate. Let alone to say they look like the old after thought. The type of gift that is picked up on the way to Christmas eve dinner at Wal Mart or Walgreens just before they close.

What is next a B.B.Q. for the German Chancellor, wooden chop stixs for the Chinese delegation? Does anyone in the White House see how this makes the American people look. There is a certain decorum that is international diplomacy. One of those things is the giving of gifts that represent the people/culture of the country giving to the country receiving. Something that would extend friendship or ties of friendship to each other. It can be something of historic nature like the gift from P.M. Brown to Obama. A wooden pen made form the sister ship to the wood used from the ship that makes the desk in the Oval office.

The gift can be the returning of an item that was lost and came into the possession of one country to the original country of origin. Like the Crown Jewels to the Hungarian royal family returned after WWII.

To think that the gift of an i-pod is appropriate is just so indescribable. It shames this country. It shames the people of this country, and it is simply wrong.

The Obamas are in way over their heads.

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