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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 

Napolitano is dyslexic

Our ever wise and vigilant Sec. of Homeland Defense is dyslexic. This is the only possible explanation that would excuse her from being incompetent. There is no other excuse for her thinking of how to protect our border to the south. If she is not dyslexic then she is by no other reason, plain and simply anti American.

Janet Napolitano seems to think as does the incompetent Hillary , Ried, Pelosi, and Obama. That the trouble along the Mexican American border is the fault of America. This is not only laughable but insulting.

These people (the only nice thing I could think of to call them), have this notion that because we have a second amendment that grants us the RIGHT to own and posses firearms. It is now a threat to Mexico's security. I will say that again. Our second amendment has been deemed to be a threat to Mexico's security.

Sen. John "I voted for it before I was against it" Kerry is right now proposing new legislation from his dog and pony research in San Antonio on violence on the border. Legislation to further limit and restrict our rights provided under the second amendment.

Napolitano is directing the border patrol to reverse their policy of inspecting traffic coming into the United States and inspect that which leaves this country. Hence her dyslexic problem. She is doing it backwards. She believes that looking for contraband that leaves this country is the way to solve the border violence. Contraband like cash and guns.

Now the last time I purchased a weapon I filled out the form and the first question was am I a citizen or not. Call your ATF and ask them if a no answer sends up a red flag or not. Once again the liberal enlightened thinkers are looking to punish those who obey the law in favor of protecting those who break the law.

Statistics and facts prove time and time again that those who obey the law are not out committing the crimes. It is those who break the law committing crimes. Hence breaking the law. A criminal is going to get weapons on the black market. Or they will steal them.

If you look at what weapons the drug cartels are using they are not the typical weapons available to the American citizen. As a matter of fact they are either former weapons our government has sold the Mexican military or they are from the far east, eastern Europe, or the new Kalashnikov factory in Venezuela.

To call her plan securing the border is like giving the jail cell keys to the inmates and saying that they are locked up. It doesn't work.

This is the incompetence we are going to have to deal with as long as we have the most inexperienced President in history. A man who has more corruption going on in his administration then any in history.

God help us for the next four years.

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