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Monday, March 30, 2009 

Tax Day Tea Party Denver

City: Denver

When: April 15, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Where: West steps of the Capitol, 200 East Colfax

Contact: EMAIL

Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/DenverTeaPartyFacebook Group: CLICK HERE

Will you come out to the West steps of the Colorado state Capital and demonstrate against the unconstitutional taxation without representation being given by our newly elected open, transparent, full of hope and change elected officials?

Opposition against the Obama administration and the lack of any leadership from Pelosi , Ried, and others in Congress is growing. Unfortunately the MSM still refuses to report the growing dissent in this country.

Local news outlets are located very close to the location of the state Capital. Channel 4 News is only a couple blocks south on Broadway. FOX 31 a couple more blocks down. Then you have Channel 7 on Speer and Lincoln, while Channel 9 another two blocks down speer from Channel 7.

It would be a nice thing to see these local outlets cover this but I do not think that they will. So for those who are coming to this protest bring digital cameras and download as many pictures as you can then flood these outlets with e-mails showing as many people at the protests as you can. Get the word out that We as American Tax Payers are getting tired of Washington and their tax /spend policies.

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tea Party gear can be found at www.shirts4freedom.com

First, it is spelled "experience" ... in your profile. (Makes your point about 'good judgment' look pretty lame.)

Second, I'm not against protesting the bailouts of the mega-transnational corporations, but I'm not sure I understand where the "no taxation without representation" comes from in regards to this issue.

So far, most of us have received a tax cut from Obama; so far no taxes have been raised (except the tobacco tax that was passed by our 'representatives' in Congress); we did just have an election and did elect or re-elect our 'representatives'.

Indeed, the bailouts that Bush and Obama have funneled to the establishment elite are wrong and the deficit spending is destructive to the economy's future. But you'll have to explain the taxation point.

There is none so blind as he who will not see.

First if you do not understand why the miss spelling of the word then you fail at the meaninf of the saying.

Now if you are to believe that the extra $13 dollars a week you see is a tax cut you are blind. This extra income isa nothing more then a shift on paper. You will be responsible to pay the taxes on the extra $676 of income next year. For many this will bump them into a higher tax bracket.

Now if you are so brainwashed to fail to see that income tax is not the only tax being put upon the people of this country then you my friend are either very ignorant or stupid. I will give you the benifet of the doubt and say ignorant.

I suggest that you read the stimulus bill, the budget and then look at what your state is doing. Taxes are on the rise. The cost of living is going up. This is an assortment of taxes. The death tax being repealed. Sure it won't effect you but what about those who are to receive the money from life insurance? It does affect them.

The cigarette tax is only one of many. You have an increase in energy. This is to promoe the "green" movment. It is a tax not a cost. The increase on ammunition. Another quietly passed tax.

Read what is in the bills and will be applied now. It is taxation without representation.

Here in Colorado we have what is known as the TABOR amendment. It caps what the State can spend. Yet they are circumventing it in order to raise revenue. Raising revenue is a nice way of saying raising taxes.

So your little belief of no increase in taxes is not only false but misleading as well.

Can you explain how you feel that you are not being represendted? Just because your Senator or Representative does not vote the way you want them to does not mean that you are not represented. They represent the majority of the people that elected them. That makes you a fringe extremist. The same kind of title that you and your ilk love to put on terrorists, and erroniously, all of Islam. You have become the people you so hate.

How am I personally not being represented or are you asking how in general those elected are not representing the best interests of their constituents?

For me, My Federal Senators do not represent anything close to my views or my beliefs. I do not beleive in a larger government, yet Sen. Udall and Bennet do. I do not believe if you do not have the money you spend more to get the economy going. My senators do. My State represenative is closer to my views and is why he received my support in the election.Then if you look around you will find that a vast majority of Americans are suffering from buyers remorse on those they elected. They are unsatisfied by the lack of leadership and simple oppresion being perpetrated by those in office.

Now as to my in State officials. They are closer to my views as well and recieved my support. However when the populace speaks out and does not support open boarders, of lawlessness yet the elected officials do. Then this is representation that does not represent me as well as others.

I find is sad that you seem to support those who favor lawlessness and not the rule of law. You must be one of these who believe that the Constitution is a living breathing object subject to interpretation. A falsehood and liberal propaganda stance. The Constitution is clear and a writen outline of what with no wiggle room what the government can and can not do. It does not breath, live, or think. It is a set rule of law that has been perverted to other means. I suggest you read the federalist papers and learn exactly what our founding fathers thought on all these subjects and apply it to what they signed into law with the Constitution.

If my words offend you then I suggest you grow up. Your false indignation to words is laughable. Political Correctness is nothing more then a place to hide within and not face reality. If words so upset and hurt you, then you have problems.

As for being an extremist. You are more off the mark then your little progressive mind can imagine.

Anonymous asked "how you feel that you are not being represented". For me, it has nothing to do with not feeling represented. It simply has to do with a feeling that we are spending way too much money that will place a huge burden on future taxpayers. The ten year projected federal deficit is estimated to be $7 to $9 trillion (yes, with a "t"). That's $23,000 to $30,000 for every person in the US. If that seems too far away, the federal deficit this year alone is $2 trillion, or $6600 for every person in the US.

Where's that money coming from? If you have a family of four, does your family have an extra $120,000 laying around? Or do you really think the rich will somehow pay for all that?

No matter who's in power, people always have a right to protest policies that they believe are wrong. Politics does not exist just during elections; many of the Viet Nam, civil rights, and other protests had nothing to do with elections. Citizens always have a right to influence the decisions of their elected leaders, and protest is a time-honored and respected way of doing this. How is this somehow about hate?

As for being on the fringe, Obama won the popular vote by just 4%. If just 1 in 50 voters (2%) had voted differently, McCain would be president now.

Anonymous very well put. I find that these so called "fees" that we are now seeing and hearing proposed, which in reality are new taxes. Fall exactly into the saying of taxation without representation. Cities, counties, and States are all looking into and implementing them. Are they representing our wishes by doing this. I highly doubt and know of only a select few who support these backdoor taxes.

Unfortunately the answer is yes. There are those who do feel that the rich should pay for every thing.

I new fact that I found out today is that 43% of Americans, thats one out of three approximatly. Not only do not pay taxes but get a "refund" check. WHY?

Back to your origional question. Do I feel that I personally am not being represented? the answer would be yes on the economy,the war on terror, and protection of American borders. Do I feel that the system works? (meaning our political way of electing represenatives). No it is being perverted and abused by activists who find loop holes to deny certain votes.

Do we have problems? Oh my yes we do, but is that not why our founding fathers set up the system the way they did? Allowing for corrections and the people to voice their authority?

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