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Monday, March 30, 2009 

The Border Sham - Napolitano's sedition

The lies and misdirection coming from yet again the Obamanation is amazing and very dangerous to this country. We have a huge problem with ILLEGALS in this country. At a time when unemployment is on the rise, drug production is increasing, and gang violence is starting to reach mythical proportions. Our government is doing nothing but a song and dance on the issue of securing our Nation from invasion.

The drug cartel wars now going on along the southern border are a direct thereat to the safety of American citizens. SO what is our government doing about it. Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of this country do to the drug trade and human trafficking. People along the border fear fro their lives , walk around their own homes armed to the teeth because our government is not protecting them.

No American should have to walk around in their own home packing heat.

So how does this make Sec. of Homeland Defense Napolitano a seditionist? With the aid of other open border traitors who seek to establish a secondary culture and Hispanic government with in Americas borders. The sham and sedition is in the lack of enforcing THE LAW.

Programs like E-Verify, which has the documented numbers to prove it works in saving American jobs for Americans along with catching identity theft perpetrators. The ending of raids on companies that hire illegals over American Citizens, and the misdirection of man power in enforcement of these programs is what is traitorous.

As a former border state governor, Janet Napolitano knows first hand what is effective and what is not. However she ignores on purpose that which works on favor of curring votes from those who want to open the border wide. This is a violation of her trust by the people she swore to serve. Yet as we see incompetence gets you promoted.

Her fellow American and LEGAL citizens who live in Arizona are being treated as second class citizens when it comes to their safety. Napolitano would rather seek the safety of those who break our laws instead of those who obey the law. This is a travesty of an elected official who's loyalty is in question.

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