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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 

Is there an anti left movement?

During 2007 and the campaign of 2008 we heard this allot. It is time for a change and government is spending too much. So was it any surprise that when a charismatic platform of "Hope and Change" received the winning votes. Not really.

The American people are a fickle lot overall. We have moved to an instant gratification society. Meaning that with all the high tech we have been lead to believe is a must for every day life. That if we do not get instant results we want something better or different. This is a huge factor that needs recognition in politics. After all this is what lead America to have the most Socialist Administration in our history.

Americans no longer have the patients for winning a war. As the left have so entrenched themselves in higher education. The theme of me first over the good of others is prevalent. The idea that government will take care of you and that the world is a rosy utopia of equality. Has turned the grey mush of youth into sniveling underachievers.

So now a year into the current leftist administrations leadership. Or to be more precise. A year into the continued blame every one else for our mistakes and lack of common sense leadership. We see a bit of a backlash mounting.

The shot heard around the world is the nickname for the tremendous upset in the Massachusetts senatorial race. A repeat of over two hundred years ago when the good people of the colony of Massachusetts said enough of oppression and a tyrannical government. Yet if we take a closer look was the first shot fired in Boston again? It would seem that the shot heard is fired here but the beginning of a political stance for individualism and accountability had begun way sooner in 2009.

The "Tea Bag" movement is a grass root movement that based themselves on the patriots of the pre revolution act in Boston. This is when a tax was placed upon tea and several other commodities by England and the people of the American Colonies refused to pay (basically a quick version of the events). The idea of Taxation without Representation was a theme, a major theme. Now we have the same principled idea running across this great land. As those in Washington have taken over inflated ego's and are not listening to the people. A push for higher taxes and the punishment of individual achievement is the result of their socialist goals.

Tea baggers, as the protesters are called. A obvious derivative of the term tea bag moved to name those who support the basic principles of individualism and responsible government. Not the sexually explicit term for a sex act that the left in this country seems to be so preoccupied with. These "Tea Baggers" are not just conservative or independent, republican or democrat. These are the people in this country who look at what is going on and see that it does not match with the ideals and principles that this country was founded upon. A complete and purposefully disregard for the Constitution.

The Tea Bag movement is a political revolution to bring back common sense and responsible government to this nation. The movement started once the first leftist act of oppression began with our presently elected government. So is the election of Scott Brown the first shot?

No it is the shot that is heard however. The real shots across the bow of oppression were fired by the Tea bag movement. Then the first shot to get real attention and raise eyebrows was the one fired off in New York by Doug Hoffman. If you do not recall who he is shame on you. He was an is the man who turned the November elections on their side. A complete unknown two months out from the election for congressional district 23. He fell less then three thousand votes shy of winning a seat as an INDEPENDENT REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE. This was race was over shadowed by the march of Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey.

The anti left movement may be the wrong term used. What is clearly becoming visible is a call for our elected officials to remember who their employers are, the people. It is a call for smaller less intrusive government that supports the individual who strives to achieve and common sense in government. This meaning less tax and spend, less welfare handouts, more hand ups and America First attitudes.

The battle in America between the Old and New World traditions are seen in our two main political parties. The Republican Party is the older of the two if we take it back to Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, to Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Nelson Rockefeller and John McCain. Republicans are elite meddlers believing the national government should manage the industry and affairs of the American People. They stumbled in the 1960’s with Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. They left the party with people who do not accept original GOP policies.

The Democrat Party was the libertarian, state’s rights, individual freedom and local government party, following Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe to Jackson and Cleveland. They made the biggest swing from their policies at the turn of the century, adopting the Old World policies of Rousseau and Marx. The GOP, except for the Goldwater-Reagan moments, held fast to their better-than-thou beliefs from its origin. In the life of our Republic, the only political party that held fast to the ideals of America, which made her free and prosperous, was the 19th century Democrat Party. I'm afraid it will take reorienting the GOP to take our country back. claysamerica.com

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