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Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

The real story of Browns election

The real news of the election of Scott Brown to the seat of U.S. Senator is not that he won, or that it is the people saying we are not socialist and do not want government run health care. the real news of the day is the that being spewed in a vile and below the belt coverage of the MSM.

The lies, the hate, the vile gossip that the left MSM is calling coverage is the news of the day. MSNBC is nothing more then a joke. I have to admit. I wanted to hear the other side of the news. Or I should say a different angle on the story. So what I did this evening was as soon as the results were announced, and Coakley conceded the election I changed from a real news channel to MSNBC. I at first laughed hard, then I got mad. Then I have to laugh again at the pouting from the left. I want to rub it in on these babies too. After all they call themselves reporters and journalist. Two words and descriptions that can never ever be connected with the truth of their coverage.

The lack of being on this plane of reality is lead by Rachel Maddow. What a joke and biased commentator. Then came the tingly leg of Chris Mathews. Both of these filamentless light bulbs (meaning that lights are on but no one is home) spewed their hatred of any conservative ideas and still tried to spin the truth. Next and last, well more then likely not last as I am sure there are more over there, but I will not watch. My stomach hurts from laughing too much at these morons.

However this blogging is more about the Kieth Obermanerless commentary. Last night this wanna be male had the gaul to make some very disparaging remarks about the man Scott Brown. A tyred of name calling and character bashing. All of which Kieth has himself not backed up with evidence to support. Yet tonight he called for someone to prove him wrong. Well he also had the stones to fake an apology by throwing in a couple more slurs at the elected Senator.

This is the real story here. The story of how those on the left cannot handle being told NO. The story of how they cannot win an argument based on facts, that they will always return to the name calling and accusations of slander to quiet opposing views.

This where the next revolution needs to begin. A calling for responsible reporting and commentary from these sore losers. They are working tirelessly to censor and criminalise opposing views and opinions. To silence the truth. We need to demand that these arrogant S.O.B.'s be held accountable for their slander and low brow tactics.

Olberman interrupted the acceptance speech of Scott Brown with this comment "before we hear about the family chowder recipes". Now tell me what the hell kind of comment and reporting is that?

Note to Kiethy babe, boobala, JACKASS EXTREME. You wonder why you have such low ratings. The answer is closer then you can imagine. Look in the mirror long and hard. You lack any professionalism and integrity. Until you get some your ratings will never even get up to the curb where FOX es worst shows are. The same goes for the rest of those commentators on MSNBC.

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