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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 

Another Look at Tancredo

Why another look at Governor candidate Tom Tancredo? Simple he has a known track record and experience over the other candidates. When compared to Mayor Hickenlooper the difference in judgment is one sided. Where as Hickenlooper has hired illegals and then denies it, sends snow plows to the barn during a snow storm, then spends tax payer money in an effort to by forgiveness.

Hickenlooper's fiscal responsibility in Denver has lead to deficits and a higher attempt to bring in income to the city. Although there has not been a real hike in "taxes". There has been a jump in fees that are paid and a hike in fines levied on the citizens of Denver.

Mayor Hickenlooper has implemented and continued with sanctuary polices that he now conveniently says he was unaware of. Policies that hurt law enforcement in their daily attempts to do their duty of "to serve and protect".

Many scream and cry foul. The race card is being played with bottom of the deck dealing. The local press refuses to mention or hint at any of Hickenlooper's flaws and lack of leadership in the mile high city. Yet they want to lambaste Tancredo for hiring illegals on a remodel and yard work. The truth is that Tancredo hired a company that hired illegals , not directly hiring illegals himself. Where as Hickenlooper directly hired illegal assassins of Denver police to work for his businesses.

The claim that Tancredo is a one issue candidate is a huge falsehood. In fact when one looks at the subject of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, one finds it effects jobs, social services, law enforcement, health care and several other major issues. Rallying for enforcement of the law is not a single issue.

Looking at Tancredo's election website (www.tancredoforgovernor.co) we find a sound and responsible plan for the state of Colorado. With the recent endorsement of America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the choice for Governor is coming clearer. Think Tancredo for Governor in November.

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