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Friday, September 10, 2010 

Let's be real

Let's be real here. A new report from the intelligence community states that we are looking at new threats. New threats that are of a home grown nature. OK, duuuh. It was only a matter of time before this was to become reality.

The scoop is supposedly that disgruntled Muslim youth, an oxymoron there. That disgruntled Muslim youth are being targeted as new jihadist by the American hating Islamic, ooops. That is the anti American faction of the religion of peace. The attempt to radicalise them and turn the into bombers, murderers, and what ever else that they can is the plan. The goal to strike at American hearts with more fear and bulling tactics to force us into capitulation to a theocracy of oppression and doom.

Now those who have any idea of how to handle this situation are being pushed to the back of the room and ignored. While incompetence and ignorance are being promoted and put in charge of homeland security, among other federal agencies.

Let's face some reality here. Most if not all disgruntled Muslim youth are immigrants that our ever so wise government has brought in to this country on resettlement programs. They are not home grown. What they are are low self esteemed youth that are being brainwashed and denied freedom by a tyrannical so called religion of peace.

What should the average person do? One get involved in your community and pay attention politically as to what the left is doing to this country. Second be observant and watch what is going on around you. Third, get trainned and carry. It is your right to defend yourself. Be ready, be observant, and prepared.

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