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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 

Obama stil lacks creditability.

Once again President Obama has interrupted the airwaves in an attempt to gain the trust of the American people. The result, not working. With a feeble attempt to take credit for strategies and policies that worked from the Bush administration on the wars. Obama still wants to ignore the truth. That the death toll in the military conflicts is higher under his failing policies, the enemy is growing stronger, and those who oppose freedom beginning to knock at the door.

No mention of the lies about security on the southern border. No mention of the truth in unemployment's rise. No truth in his talk of economic recovery that is not happening. Only more of the blame Bush rhetoric. Though it was veiled some what this time it was still there.

One huge reason that President Obama lacks creditability is what the left and RINO's have declared the "birthers". The next is his uncertain religious affiliation. Obama still says he was born in America and that is that. Yet many questions remain with information that he was truly born in Kenya Africa. His birth certificate is under lock and key in Hawaii. By Governor decree it is sealed and not open for the public to see. Why? Just release it and the birthers will go away. As for his religion, well where is Obama on Fridays?. Why has he not, like past Presidents gone to church on a regular basis? How is it that when ever he spoke on the campaign trail any religious article of Christianity was removed from the area?

How is it that any time he has met with Islamic leaders he is submissive and respectful, yet who has he met from the Christian beliefs?

Lets face the truth. Obama lacks creditability all around.

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