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Saturday, November 27, 2010 

The Liberal Jobs Created Lie

Leftists liberals claim that stimulus has created jobs and is helping the economy. This is a spin on the truth of the matter. Yes I concede that some jobs have been created. However at a cost of $300,000.00 dollars per 1 job created is ridiculous. Talk about mismanaged money. WOW! The jobs created are in government and not the private sector. A growth in government and not in the private sector where long term viable economic growth is located.

The play on figures and re figuring mathematics to adjust the numbers on unemployment and the economy is leftist spin of the truth. Though the stimulus has created a couple jobs, the fact that more jobs have been lost keeping the rate of GDP down and jobless numbers up is proof positive that the the stimulus is not working at all.

When a liberal leftist socialist says it could have been worse. They are actually once in their lives telling the truth it could have been worse. Yet to sit there on a talk show and claim what they are doing is helping the economy is like putting chewing gum on a dam to stop it from cracking further. Sure it helps for a minute but it is not even close to a proper fix of the problem.

This is why the TEA PARTY movement must remain vigilant and keep turning the heat up on transparency and being held accountable by elected officials. It is not only the responsibility of the grass roots movements but of all citizens.

I am still waiting for April 15TH 2011, and the cry from all those who think that health care taxes and fees are saving the economy with these bogus shovel to dirt projects, as they get a dose of reality on their taxes.

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