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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 

TSA and traveling

So why do I travel? Simple to get to where I am going, duh. So do I travel by Airplane? Hell no, and unless I am paid a good sum of money the chances I will ever fly again are slim. I see no reason to subjugate myself and loved ones to being treated as a third world citizen. If the TSA were actually trained and had some real security in position instead of reactionary intrusive policies then I would reconsider.

I drive. I have driven to several spots this year on vacation and it was well worth the drive. One I got to see the country more. The small towns and the great American landscape. That was worth the drive in itself. Plus I t was fun to camp at several places and not have to worry about the bed bug invasion. Sure there may have been some creepy crawlers and one snake who got a little close to the camp ground ( think he is a pair of boots now). I won't fly again.

Over labor day I drove over 900 miles in two days, hiked the Mesa Verde and had a great time. It was a little rushed but well worth it. I am looking forward to Memorial day and my next trip.

Lets face the truth. The TSA has become a fascist arm of the Obama administration. They are violating the 4Th amendment with impunity. There is no other way to look at this. Flying in a plane is by choice. No one has twisted your arm to do so. It is by choice that Americans are subjecting themselves to this nonsense. I refuse to and will not. So t all those who complain about being touched, get over it. To all those who claim falsely that this is the only safe way to screen for terrorist and their ilk. I say get real and quit lying to the people.

The lie of this detects what the terrorist are doing is sooooooo Obamaish. Look at the facts. The scanners do not see into the cavities of the body (next step cavity searches). The pat downs do not detect the chemical compounds that the terrorist are using. SO what good is the current security procedures? Preventing a handgun from getting on board? Really now the air Marshall's can not even keep the extra clips for their weapons secure. (news story only yesterday of a passenger finding a full clip on board his flight, FOX NEWS)

So if traveling, check your tires, oil, coolent, add a bag of kity litter to the trunk if traveling in winter, make sure you check the DOT road reports. Then load up the car and see America.

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