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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 

Time to BOYCOTT California

California's Supreme Court has determined that instate tuition is to be allowed to ILLEGALS over AMERICAN CITIZENS. This is not only a travesty but selected racism. Racism determined on citizenship. If you are an American then you have deep pockets and must pay more while you subsidise those from a foreign country.

It is time for all Americans to boycott California. At the end of the semester transfer to another state for education. Take your pell grants, government student loans, and all money from California and let them try to make up the difference from those who sponge off the system and are literally stealing our future.

With Billions at stake , in today's litigious society hit them where it hurts them the most. In their pocket books. If California looks to bend the law, change the will of the people, and favor internationalism over Americanism, then let someone else besides America bail them out.

California for years has been influenced by organizations that undermine the Constitution and favor those from south of the border over those born here. Influenced by those who have an agenda contrary to America. Influenced by subversives. Face it Gov Awrnold was only a little better then Gray. Awrnold is a RINO only when he needs conservative support, but otherwise he is a socialist.

California citizens must ask themselves if they are better off now then they were before, and was Brown really a good choice. A hippie from the sixties, and a track record of disaster. Is California really worth it anymore. Forget about the picturesque scenery, look at the fiscal irresponsibility of the state.

Then take a close look at what the higher education system is doing to you. Disalowing the American flag to be flown. BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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