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Friday, December 03, 2010 

More Census. American Community Survey

So the 2010 census is over? Nope here comes the second part to the intrusive government. I hold in my hands right now. A letter threatening me to answer questions under penalty of law on this American Community Survey.

It comes from the U.S. Dept of Commerce. What are the questions inside?

Page 5 question 9 How many automobiles, vans,and trucks of a one ton capacity or less are kept at home for use by members of this household?

This is public info look it up!

Page 7 question 19 part c Does the regular monthly mortgage payment include payment for real estate on this property?

Again public info go to the county assayers office and read it!

Page 13 asks about insurance and disabilities.
Page 19 wants to know if I work , how often , where, how much paid, supplemental retirement payments, disability payments. THIS IS ALREADY AT THE I.R.S. OFFICE AND NOT FOR PUBLIC NOTIFICATION.

It goes on to ask my citizenship status. If I SPEAK ENGLISH OR NOT. Maybe they should have printed this damn thing in Spanish huh.

This is not a survey , it is intrusive and shows that if they wanted this info for any real purpose they could contact local state and federal agencies to get it.

However asking me if I am married or not. COM"ON what is that about.

More government intrusion on the spin of we need to know.

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