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Thursday, March 24, 2011 

Has the News Forgotten

It has been thirty two days and still counting. The run a way demorats in Wisconsin have come home yet those in Indiana are still hiding in Illinois. Where is the coverage of this. Why is there no major outcry about these babies who run from their jobs and refuse to do the will of the people.

The Demorats fled for one reason. The left to protect the forced dues power of the union leaders to collect dues or "fees" as they call them, from the hard working people of Indiana, or be fired from their jobs.

Indiana's state Constitution allows the ruling party to authorise stiff fines and penalties, much like what the legislature in Wisconsin tried to pass and impose on the chicken demorats. This would force them to do their jobs. The jobs the swore to do when elected.

The whole issue is a right to work legislation to protect the worker from union tyranny. however this is exactly why in Indiana the demorats fled. They know that there is enough votes to pass a protection for a right to work in their state. So to throw a wrench into things they fled and went into hiding like a middle eastern dictator. Receiving support for their actions by the unions and other socialist.

SO where is the news coverage on this? Why is there no national condemnation of this. The dems in Wisconsin for the most part received a pass for their behavior, and it looks like those from Indiana are going to get a pass as well.

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