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Friday, March 25, 2011 

Have you heard this: Driving Tax

Here we go, another brilliant idea by the tax and spend morons who are economically killing this country.

Kent Conrad, D-N.D., Senate budget Committee Chairman, held a meeting with Sec of transportation Ray "incompetent no#3" LaHood on funding. This was just earlier this month. In this meeting the idea of more tax on fuel was brought up. Of coarse the idea of more tax on a money grab at the pumps in a time when the current administration is refusing to end dependency on foreign fuels and promote domestic options in fossil fuels. They understand that this would be met with much opposition. SO a proposal to mandate monitoring of how many miles one drives and a system to monitor ones personal vehicles was made.

Looking for an additional 556 million to fiance a mismanaged federal highway system. Where funds have been taken and spent on welfare items and not what it was designated for. The federal government would like to mandate monitoring of vehicles and adding an additional tax to ones paycheck. After all where do we the average American get our money. From our paycheck that represents 50 hours to 60 hours a week of hard work just to get by after the theft of our money to begin with.

The billions of dollars we pay at the pumps now is supposed to go to the upkeep, maintenance, and betterment of the highway system. Now fact is that the federal government makes four times, THAT IS FOUR TIMES more then the big bad oil companies make.

This idea is counter productive to the greeners who are pushing underpowered and questionably over priced hybrid transportation. Vehicles who are supposed to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy. SO the government in their brilliant mind melds are looking to find a new TAX and mandate it at the pumps.

This will be a cash cow for them as our society is dependant on the automobile. The thought by some to add this to truckers , claiming that they are the ones who destroy the highways most is idiocy in its opurest form. Any additional tax to truckers will only be passed on to consumers. There is nothing in this country that is not delivered by a truck. One can claim that air transportation and movement by train brings goods. However what moves the product form the airport or train station. It is a truck. Yes delivery vans like those UPS, FEDEX, and DHL use are considered trucks by the PUC and DOT. SO they will be taxed as well if this is the route used. Either way we the consumer will be nailed by this money grab.

The other absurd idea of installing monitoring devices as a factory mandated device is not just BIG BROTHER with a gps chip installed. The blue collar worker is the one who will be ultimately penalised by this. Construction workers by far drive the most to and from their work sites. Then there are those who drive from one city to another for work. An example is how many people live in San Diego and work in L.A., and vise verse.

Instead of looking at the real problem, which is a complete mismanagement of government. The spend , spend, spend trend of fiscal irresponsible elected officials, and shifting the argument to how do we steal more money from the people is what is wrong.

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