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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 

Bill Maher vs Tim Tebow

So Bill is not a Bronco fan. Big deal! bill Maher is nothing more or less then jealous of anyone who may be or is anyone. His comments against religion, real science, or anything that may be remotely funny is nothing new. The fact that people are now speaking out against his single minded points of view is what is news worthy.

For years not only has the NFL been bias against the Denver Broncos, but all the main stream and alternative sports media. It was a fluke in their minds that John Elway won two back to back super bowls. The fact that Denver statistically is the best team to ever play is one thing. To ignore the fats is another. In the 98 season their game stats are mind boggling. Over 530 yards per game while holding their opponents to ten or less points per game. Match that Green Bay, they haven't yet.

Sure some team down the road will have amazing stats that set new records but for now Denver holds them and no one talks about it.

Tim Tebow is just another one of those stats. His play may not be beautiful and dynamic but it is exciting and heart stopping. The most exciting player in the game today by far. So when bill doubting Maher runs his mouth against him. All he is trying to do is divert attention from something interesting and have it focus on himself. Why , because he is a small man who has done and will never do anything important in his life.

If you do not like what he says or his HBO show, then do what hurts him the most. Ignore his stupidity and turn his show off.

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