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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 

Repugnants, Romney, and Paul

Sounds like a bad dream but this is what the Republican National Committee wants us to choose from. A far right almost into left field nut job who wants to legalise drugs from heroin to cocaine to the growing popular myth of medicinal marijuana. Elimination of the military , open borders and a complete surrender of this nation in the name of being a Constitutionalists. Get real. Ron Paul is a lunatic and his supporters are the fringe elements.

Then the heavy weight RINO's in Washington are backing a man who for over two years has neither raised or dropped in the polls. He maintains his supporters but cannot gather any new ones. This is who the Washington RINO's are wanting us to believe is the savior to the nation. nation that is falling apart with lies and self centered leftists.

Com'on now. Lets face it a vote for Romney or for a Paul, might as well vote the Marxist back into office. It is a vote for Obummer.

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