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Monday, February 20, 2012 

How America Dies

It all started when we did not pay attention to the liberals and their anti American progressive moves in policy. However the death nail came when President Obamantion declined and refused to help the oil industry. Prime example veto of the Keystone pipeline. His lies on opening new drill areas. Has not done it or has pushed areas that are known to not produce. An EPA out of hand and regulating draconian carbon emission levels, there is no help from the administration at all.

As gas hits $5.00 that's five dollars a gallon the American economy can not sustain itself with the high prices. In fact as the labor department lies and plays games with the unemployed figures, we will see even more standing on the corner asking for help. No one can afford this.

If gas is five a gallon then what will diesel be? Much higher and everything moves by truck. From the airport to the train station. Even from coast to coast it moves by truck. Diesel higher then the cost is passed along and everything goes up.

Thanks Obama you got your wish. You ruined America!

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