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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 

Sad day for Broncos Football

After an exceptional exciting year where one never knew if the Broncos would win or loose. Literally an edge of your seat viewing spectacle. The Denver Broncos just may throw away millions of dollars on a crap shoot.

Reports are in the wire saying that Payton Manning may soon wear the Orange of Denver. While Tim Tebow will be sent packing back to Florida. How sad and back stabbing is this. Trading a star in the making for a has been.

Look at the pros and cons of this deal.

4 time MVP
Does a fair Commercial

lack of leadership (blames the whole offense when he screws up)
severe neck injury that will end his career on a good hit
cost millions on a crap shoot he won't get hit
lose of cohesivness by changing quarterbacks

These are just off the top of my head. For all those who like Manning you have to admit he is the biggest baby to play the game. When his passing is off it is off. He blames the recievers for his mistakes. When he is sacked he yells at the o-line for his inability to scramble. Then let us look at why he sat out last year the 2011 season.

A serious neck injury that if he is hit hard enough again will reinjure and could sideline him not only for the season but his life. Not a smart move to sign him.

What we loose with Tim Tebow. A young quarterback that is a Hiesman winner. An excitment in the game we have not seen since a young John Elway played. Leadership in and out of the locker room. A charismic leader that finds ways to win. Not to mention the nail biting ending to a game.
A young man who has not been givrn the chance or the coaching here in Denver to improve his game.

Am I a Bronco fan? Hell Yes. I was born on a friday in October and that sunday I was inthe old south stands of the Bear stadium. That is the stadium that predated the old Mile High for those who did not know. 46 years of ups and downs following this team. I would say that makes me a fan.

If Denver dumps Tebow for Manning, my support goes as well for the Broncos.

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