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Thursday, March 01, 2012 

False Sympathy for BreitBart oozes from the left

As the news breaks of the death at 43 of Andrew Breitbart, the left comes forth and tries to claim that they will miss this man. What a false hood and pack of lies. Andrew will definitely be missed. His way of exposing the left and their lies along with their very questionable and many times unethical and illegal acts is a point the left rejoices over.

Very few had the nerve to go against the political and socialist tyranny of the left. However Andrew was not cowered by them , nor could he be denied when he dug in on a story.

For those on the left to come forth and say that they will miss him and praise him after all their denials and name calling of him after he exposed their corruption is hypocritical.

The left is rejoicing and happy as a pig in mud. Bill Maher will no doubt host a private party and drink champagne while cheering the passing of this man. Obama and his minions at ACORN breath a sigh of relief knowing that for now they can continue their fraud of the American people along with the pushing their socialist agenda of destroying the United States of America.

Yes it is truly a very sad day in politics, journalism and the march for the truth.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart.

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