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Tuesday, February 21, 2012 

Not the Oil Company's fault

Now that the price of gasoline and diesel is getting to the breaking point, that's the bank breaking point of our pocket books. Many are coming out and blaming once again the "big bad oil companies". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! It is not the fault of the oil companies. Yet again if people would think about it and then check the facts. The federal government is to blame. While the oil companies profit one penny the government pockets four.

The blame for rising fuel prices is clearly in the Obama administrations field of play. While we have a Sec. of Energy who thinks we need to be paying at least 7 to 10 dollars a gallon to bring us online with European prices, and to Sec. Cho I say who cares. If they pay twice that we do NOT HAVE TOO! President Obama has an EPA that is out of control. His own (Obama's) administration refuses to issue the permits he claims he has approved.

We still have 75 % of permit territory closed to drilling, and only about 25% of the area that is open is being given permits. The lack of foresight and planning by veto of the Keystone pipeline , insulting and losing Canadian oil only aids in the monopoly of OPEC on the sale of crude.

Do not even consider the fact it would with all the red tape and environmental impact fraudulent studies, it would take 25 years to break ground on any new refinery.

If Washington really wanted to bring the cost of fuel down thy would enact and do the following.
1) reduce the tax per gallon.
2) remove the restrictions on building new refineries and break ground now.
3) allow the Keystone pipeline to be built.
4) issue the damn permits to drill

It is not the evil "big oil companies" , it is Obama and his environmental cronies that are causing high fuel prices.

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