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Friday, February 24, 2012 

Obama is either ignorant or plane stupid.

President Obama is either very ignorant of the facts and the truth or he is stupid. Stupid meaning being lead around by the nose from the leftist and environmental wackos. So which is it? I happen to believe it is a combination of both.

First he is ignorant. The definition of ignorance is not knowing any better or of a stated subject. Ignorant of the facts, not knowing anything relevant on a said topic. Having not seen any released grades from his Harvard days I cannot say if the man has any intelligence, so I have to go with what I have observed. President Obama talks a poor game and plays an even poorer one. He has no concept of an energy policy and we are suffering for it. This man does not have any concept of a market driven economy and we are suffering because of it.

The spin on "there is no quick fix" or "magic silver bullet" is a half truth. While there is no overnight miracle to relief on the cost at the pumps, the truth is that the threat and intention of opening up more drilling and the building of refineries will in the short term, a couple of months reduce the price of fuel dramatically. The elimination of draconian EPA regulations on the building of refineries will reduce the price per barrel in weeks.

The chant of "Drill Baby Drill" does work and in its meaning alone seeks more supply then demand for fossil fuels. This is a good thing. Although the wackos on the left do not understand this and are the ones being caught stealing fuel. It is an entitlement to them . Another one in which those on the right , or law bidding citizens need to subsidise for those who are lefty lazy.

Is President Obama stupid? I definitely think so. With out even going into his lack of leadership skills, failed domestic and foreign policies I will only look at his capitol cronyism on energy.
He is stupid because he thinks that the American people are stupid. Look the American people will tolerate a little greasing of political wheels and a few twists on the truth. However the abject payoffs and denials of political buddies on the taxpayers dime we will not tolerate. Almost one billion dollars, that's ten digits, nine zeros, 1,000,000,000. In payoffs to a so called green energy policy run by political donars and bundlers. Solyndra being the number one failed payoff of half a billion dollars to a company that is bankrupt. Solar energy is a great idea but it is not economically viable as of yet. Neither is wind. Proven energy of natural gas, coal , and other fossil fuels that have been regulated to death still run the WORLD. Cleaner more efficient coal hydro electric plants that are much more efficient then even ten years ago are being shut down for a unsustainable, unachievable, bogus carbon emission rate.

This is simply cutting your nose of to spite your face. A stupid policy. A stupid train of thought, and a dangerous direction to go.

So is Obama ignorant or plane stupid? A sounding yes to both.

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