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Monday, May 28, 2012 

You knew this was coming/ Excell ends solar program

It was just a question of bottom line and time before EXCELL Energy decided to stop the green machine. After a 32 million dollar loss of profits not misplaced fuinds or anything else but a loss of profits. EXCELL has determined that rebates for home owners who look to lower their monthly bills by using alternative energy means was bad news. Now I am not a tree hugging earth first extemist who even believes in climate change/ global warming by other means then a natural cyclic run or nature. Thius being said, president Obummer and his green machine are doing their best to hurt this country and forced many energy companies to go out on a limb and change or increase their rates.

Excell tried this and found that the all mighty dollar was more important to their future then being green friendly. At a time when one counts pennies to go to the supermarket. Excell is demanding more money for their service.


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