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Monday, May 28, 2012 

Zombies , Apocolypse?

Of all the strangest things to read this morning I read this. In Florida, Miami police shot and killed a nakid man who was eating the face of another nakid man. Sketchy reports conclude the man had eaten the nose and eyes of his victem before being shot several times by police.


A video of approximately eight minutes is included in the article where you see the two nakid men. However it has been scrubbed of the more grusome details and ability to identify the perp and vic.

This is right out of a Romero movie where the world ends with a small group of survivors fighting off countless undead corpses and wondering who will be changed or infected next. It is rather chilling to comprehend that a man was eating the face of another man, let alone doing it nakid and in public

I suppose that the Zombie protection league will file suite against the police for illegal force and unwarented brutality because after all zombies have a right to eat as we do.


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