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Saturday, September 11, 2010 

They are offended? So what.

SO the religion of peace and tolerance is offended by the possibility of a Koran burning. The FACT that in Saudi Arabia it is law to burn the Bible on site when found. That Christianity is outlawed does not matter. That in Islamic countries Christians are persecuted for no other reason then being a Christian. Oh my these are not offend able actions.

The fact that the Koran dictates the treating of non Muslims as trash, at best second class citizens who are extorted at every turn in their lives. No once again this is not offensive. That in Africa we have genocide being committed against Christian faiths.

So a few people here in America would like to exercise their Constitutional right of the first amendment is offend able. So friken what. We allow jerks too burn and defecate on the American flag and protect these offend able acts as freedom of expression. So why did President Obama send the F.B.I. down to chat with the pastor who started all of this?

To intimidate him into not burning the Koran this is why. To censor his first amendment rights under the system we have. Yet Obama is offended and calls the act disgraceful, but supports the insensitive act of building a masque near ground zero with funding from questionable sources.

Note that Imam's and goat intercoursers from around the world are up in arms about this. Not a word of outrage about the subjugation , burning, and oppression of anything from the Christian faiths. A one way street in acts and beliefs here is it not?

What about the things they do that offend us? The forcing of sharia law upon us. Not allowing people to bring alcohol, unopened even into cabs. Demanding that they be paid while they take their prayer breaks that interfere with businesses business operation. Demanding that Christians not where any symbols of their faith while working with these pompous pious blowhards.

When they chant death to America and Christians, it is offensive. So if they can dish it out , should they not only be able to take it as well? Obvioously they can not.

If they are offended by this, gee that is too bad. Today marks the tenth aniversary of the cowardly attack on innocent people. So if burning a Koran is how some people wish to remember this act of WAR. Then burn the book by all means burn as many as you can get your hands on. I plan to!

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