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Sunday, March 27, 2011 

George Soros and the left loose it

The war on truth and the full court press supporting censorship against the truth is on. George Soros and his leftist agenda is being unmasked daily. The socialist and their destruction of America is being disinfected with each sunrise. So what do they have left to do. Well according to an "interview on the blog politico. George Soros is going to unleash his rabid dogs from media matters. An organization that claims , falsely I may say, to monitor truth in broadcasting. With their spin and denial of the facts. A refusal to tell both sides to a story , omitting most of the truth in order to advance their socialist agenda from George Soros. They plan to attack personally the executives to FOX news and most of their upper echelon. This more then likely will not stop there but anyone who has ever asked a question that was not scripted from the left as well. SO we should in the next month or so be seeing smear stories from the left about anyone associated with FOX news from Sheppard Smith to favorite long gone E.D. Hill. These up coming stories will not be worthy outside of a tabloid rag, however MSNBC will more then likely have them as headlines. A distraction from real news like who has failed to pay their taxes again and is going after American citizens defending their homes from break ins. Media Matters has tried time and time again to discredit Glen Beck , however they fail when confronted with the truth. SO what does the left do. They attempt extortion on the advertisers for the Glen Beck show. This strategy had back fired yet they think it will work against FOX itself. Spreading lies and threatening those who see the truth through the lies. The left and their minions cannot hold any intellectual discussion on facts, so they resort to the base level of threats, lies, and extortion. A simple COWARDLY act that the left has accelerated at. We will see flash mobs in front, around , and in any thing that the right along with all who have common sense hold dear. The goal to destroy the truth by any means available. The left does not care , nor do they understand compassion. These are traits that only people with a brain understand. It is obvious that the left is lacking grey matter as we see their childish behavior multiply daily. The call for riots, unmasked terrorist assaults coming in May on the economy of America. The left will do anything to prevent the people, US, from finding out what they are destroying. Read the "interview" www.politico.com "Media Matters war against fox" Maybe we should think about flash mobs in return?

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