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Friday, March 25, 2011 

Where is the seperation?

Just exactly where is the separation of church and state that the left is always championing? Is it only applicable to Christianity? Look at this recent politically correct case the D.O.J. is taking up on behalf of Islam and their pilgrimage to Mecca. A teacher who is muslim quits her job because the school district she works for can not afford to let her go. She being the only math teacher or something to this effect. So she quits, not fired but quits to because of her religion. The school district did not let her go , nor was it because of her religion.

So then why is Holder and the D.O.J. now suing this school district on discrimination basis? This is political pomp at its worse here. If this is discrimination it would appear to me that the separation of church and state is gone.

I propose that all Catholic teachers and students demand that meat be removed from school cafeterias on Fridays. That any teacher or student who feels it is within their religion to wear the cross be allowed to do so. This is no more offensive then a teacher who would like an additional three weeks paid vacation on top of their already short work year.

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